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Data Exchanges
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Data Exchanges

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ScotXed has developed software called ProcXed to validate data before it is submitted to the Scottish Government. Please click here to source all supporting documentation for both ProcXed LA and ProcXed.NET.

 Uploading and Downloading Files

If your survey of interest is not using ProcXed software, you will be using the secure file exchange area to securely upload data to, or securely download data from the ScotXed website.  For instructions and guidance on securely uploading and securely downloading files, please select the appropriate link:  How To Upload or How To Download


School Estates Core Facts12/05/2014Snapshot on Tuesday 1 April 2014AggregateEducationXML
Healthy Living census (formerly School Meals)26/03/2014a typical day in w/c Monday 24 February 2014AggregateEducationSpreadsheet
School Leavers (Christmas)24/01/201418/9/2013 to 31/12/2013IndividualEducationXML
Looked After Children29/11/201301/08/12 to 31/07/13IndividualSocial WorkXML
Staff FTE Pay Data29/11/2013w/c 16th September 2013AggregateEducationSpreadsheet
Child Protection08/11/20131/8/12 - 31/7/13For 2012: a combination of aggregate and individualSocial WorkXML
Secure Units25/10/2013Census of 31/7/13 plus admissions/discharges 1/8/12 to 31/7/13Unit and PupilSocial WorkXML
Independent School Registration Data Collection11/10/2013Snapshot at 20 September XXXXIndividualEducationXML
Grant-aided Special School Census and Leavers11/10/2013Census week, w/c 16 September 2013IndividualEducationSpreadsheet
Preschool Census07/10/2013Snapshot in SeptemberIndividualSocial WorkXML
Local Authority to Skills Development Scotland01/10/2013September 2013IndividualEducationXML
School Leavers (Summer)27/09/20131/1/2013 to 17/9/2013IndividualEducationXML
School Pupil Census18/09/2013Census day: Wednesday 18  September 2013IndividualEducationXML
Staff Census18/09/2013Census day:Wednesday 18 September 2013IndividualEducationXML
Attendance, Absence & Exclusions05/09/201301/08/12 to 31/07/13 IndividualEducationXML
Scottish Welfare Fund Quarterly16/08/2013April/May/June 2013XML
Road Lengths Survey20/07/2013Snapshot on 1 April 2013Road lengthsLocal Government FinanceXML
School Openings and Closures15/07/2013All schools open for 2013-14SchoolEducationXML
Preschool Education Pre-census Survey of Centre details01/07/2013Preschool centrespreschool centreEducationXML
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